In 1996, Iván F. Irizarry Pietri, Jose Angel Rosado Rodriguez and Georgiana Pietri Garcia begun to talk about a specialty coffee from Adjuntas that was to be marketed in Europe and Asia. History has it that a fellow relative had expressed his desire sell a working coffee plantation also known as Hacienda Las Vegas. At the time the coffee produced in Hacienda Las Vegas was sold exclusively to Garrido and Co. for the production of their premium coffee Alto Grande.

From the beginning, it was recognized that the development of a premium estate coffee posed many opportunities and an initial plan was made for reconstruction of existing crops and the development of new crops of specialty grade varieties of coffee. Simultaneously our engineers begun the development of a superior process for the manufacturing of specialty coffee and our marketing specialist begun the creative development of a new exclusive brand of gourmet coffee.

The Hacienda
Hacienda Las Vegas is located in mountains near the town of Adjuntas and shares a boundary with “El Bosque del Pueblo” The Peoples Forests. This traditional coffee farm, 27 acre in total is home to “Café Siglo XIX” or 19 th Century Coffee. Topography is delicate and slopes range from 55 to 65 degrees. Temperature is a moderate 74 degrees most of the year and it rains daily in the afternoons 9 of 12 months a year. Altitude is about 2,310 ft over sea level in 75% of the land.

The Plantation
Hacienda Las Vegas’s primarily crop is coffee and has been so for hundreds of years. We have a very selective coffee crop variety consisting of Borbon, Caturra and some “Selección Puerto Rico” and Limany 7. Other crops include oranges and bananas but their main reason is to provide shade for the coffee, these are good complementary crops. Eighty percent, (80%) of our coffee is grown in natural shade and we manage the shade very carefully. Currently 19 acres are under production and plans are to grow the production capacity by 20-25% every year for the next 10 years. Yield per acre is approximately 600lbs per acre and planned improvements lead us to believe that 1000lbs per acre can be achieved by 2005 and 1400lbs by 2008.

Hacienda las Vegas is currently in the process of evaluating the purchase of additional farm property of expansion of our production capacity. We are interested in acquiring high altitude coffee producing farms in areas such as Ciales, Lares, Maricao, Sabana Grande, San Sebastian and Yauco. Another strategy is the continued development of other specialty grade coffee producers in these regions. We have successfully negotiated with a number of producers in these areas and feel confident that continued education and strict quality control we can meet and exceed our consumer’s high expectations.

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