Specialty Coffee
Specialty Coffees, Sometimes called "gourmet" or "premium" coffee, are made from exceptional beans grown only in ideal coffee-producing climates. They tend to feature distinctive flavors, which are shaped by the unique characteristics of the soil that produces them.

We begin harvesting early in June and continue harvesting until late February of the following year. We pick only optimal mature grains from the plants and once we begin the harvest, we go through the whole farm twice a month. We follow a very demanding selection process and only process mature grains; green and black grains are disregarded and reused as organic material.

Hacienda Las Vegas began processing coffee in 1998 under the name of Gourmet Coffee from Hacienda Las Vegas. With the assistance of graduate students from the Interamerican University of Puerto Rico, we developed an initial label for our product that consisted in a collage of pictures of the farm and the process. Our initial stage was that of an artesian process that, although somewhat limited in terms of volume of production, guarantied a 1 st quality end result; the finest gourmet coffee from the mountains of Puerto Rico.

In addition to processing our own coffee, Hacienda Las Vegas also purchases coffee from other specialty coffee producers in the Puerto Rican mountainous region. Pedro Bengochea (Castañer) Carlos Bonilla y Merqueades Quiñones (Bo. Vegas Arriba , Adjuntas), Antonio “Tato” Rodriguez (Bo. Fronton, Ciales) and others are specialty coffee producers who collaborate in de production of 19 th Century Coffee (Café Gourmet Siglo XIX).

In as far as the process itself, pulp is eliminated from mature grains they are rinsed immediately. We set grains our in the sun to dry and then determine if they will be stored or processed further. Those grains that are for immediate processing are rid of their endocarps and classified; thus rid of any defect.

In 1999, Adolfo Jimenez, a friend of Hacienda Las Vegas recommended that we name our new gourmet coffee 19 th Century Coffee “Café Siglo XIX.” Mr. Jimenes, a literature professor at the University of Puerto Rico, argued that in the 19 th century Puerto Rico had enjoyed a solid reputation for exceptionally high quality coffee. The recommendation was well taken we begun to research the new concept to be utilized for the branding of our specialty product. We studied branding concepts of the time and the history of Puerto Rico’s coffee industry. Much was learned in terms of our coffee heritage thus our plans of marketing our coffee under the 19 th century brand were strengthened.

As in like the previous stage, Hacienda Las Vegas doesn’t depend exclusively on the coffee produced in our farm and often purchase coffee from specialty coffee cooperatives such as “La Cooperativa Agrocomercial de Puerto Rico, La Marketing” and A. S. D. A.. We order a special coffee from A. S. D. A. “Administración de Servicios de Desarrollo Agropecuario. that is derived from 1 st grade Puerto Rican coffee. This 1 st grade is further processed in an effort to eliminate grains that are small and of low density.

Once completely satisfied that coffee grains are optimal, we insert the coffee in the oven to be roasted. We apply a moderately dark roast, then grind and pack the coffee fresh in superior vacuumed-packed resealable stand-up pouches. Our drying and roasting procedures are environmentally safe and coffee grains contain no traces of combustible gasses or any other contaminants.

The Result
When we combine the best terrain, an optimal selection of grains, great weather, elaborate and careful processing, detailed roasting procedure, we are able to ensure to anyone consuming our gourmet coffee that it is of the highest quality in the world.

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